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Virtual Try-On

Engage your online customers with a fitting interactive app. Finding the perfect fit is easy with z-virtual

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From 3D Virtual Fitting to Gaming App

Refining Fashion eCommerce Marketing with Interactive 3D

Advanced Avatar Engine

With 29 adjustable body points, z-virtual is the best-in-class solution for high fitting accuracy. Create infinite customized outfits.

Real-time Simulation Online.

Lighter, faster, more storage. Hosted on AWS server, z-emotion proprietary engine brings no extra costs to your e-commerce website.

Virtual Self 1:1

Upload your face shot and create your customized avatar.

Seamless Experience.

z-virtual viewer provides 360° view, zoom-in, fit-map, and mobile friendly support.

3D Size Simulation

The avatar simulation technology is a core in-house algorithm enabling customers to create a customized avatar within a few clicks.

More Than Clothes.

From head to toe. Front to back. Everything for your scalable styling and dressing.


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Product Return Rate

Content Marketing

Metaverse, NFT, Gaming integration and much more.