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Forward Fashion Faster

State-of-the-art real-time cloth simulation brings fashion to the new digital era

From Idea to Product. All at z-emotion.

z-emotion's solutions are well rounded and provide customers with complete end-to-end virtualization tools, from design to merchandising and e-commerce till gaming


Loved by Designers, Proven by Fashion Brands


Experience the fastest 3D simulation engine to create true-to-life garment outputs to easily share inside or outside the company for a straightforward creation process.


Engage your online customers bringing dressing rooms into e-commerce for a real-time virtual try-on experience to enhance online sales and conversion rates.


Bring digital fashion into the gaming and metaverse industry to to expand the boundaries of any fashion idea, no matter how unattainable it seems, into the virtual world.

3D Design Software For Creativity.

Create and render true-to-life 3D garments for all purposes with the fastest 3D simulation engine.

A Head Start With Ease

You don’t have to start from scratch. Download high-quality 3D assets for free and unleash your creativity.

Virtual Fitting Plug-in For Ecommerce.

Enhance your customers' online shopping experience.

Cloud-based 3D Asset Library For Collaboration.

Discover a new way of collaboration on your 3D assets.

From Idea to Product. All at z-emotion.

Pattern Design
Real-time Simulation
Production-ready Export

Be Dazzled.

Fashion DesignE-Commerce for BrandsThe Metaverse

Gaining a competitive edge in the fashion industry with 3D integration

A case study on how 3D CAD can reduce lead time and sampling costs

Lead time, ease of use, and sampling costs are just three of the main reasons why Isaac Yuen, founder of Kalico Design Ltd. chose to adopt 3D and to partner with z-emotion. "when I tested z-weave, I immediately discovered how intuitive and fully accessorized it was, as well as a shallow learning curve." Watch the video and Read the case history at bit.ly/42oPIwZ
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