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Advanced 3d tool for realistic products, meet

Making waves across diverse fields

Innovative 3d solutions

Complete end-to-end virtualization tool, from design and merchandising to e-commerce and gaming.

Empowering fashion brands

Speed up the creation and sales process of fashion companies, also providing customized solutions for every business needs.

Gaming fashion revolution

Expand any fashion idea into the virtual world through digital fashion in the gaming and metaverse industry.

Generating images with AI

Try virtual fitting using photos of real garments or a wide array of virtual garment variations.

Our products


Better User Control

z-weave is fundamentally different from traditional 3D design softwares. It’s unique, intuitive features will optimize your 3D creation process.

Faster simulation

Running on our proprietary simulation engine Zelus, z-weave is faster than any other 3D design solutions.

Higher render quality

With real-time garment simulation, the outputs are more true-to-life than ever.

Better connectivity

z-weave has a compatible structure that can be easily integrated with other programs - from z-emotion's online solutions to PLM and gaming softwares.

Voices from users

We are excited to collaborate with z-emotion on ways to further elevate the quality of real-time cloth simulation in our games. Stay tuned for further developments!
Electronic Arts
R&D engineer
We have found out the solver used to simulate the cloth has a lot of potential. Not only is it capable of handling complex setup of cloth, it is also doing it with good performance. We are intrigued by their development of z-maya. Even though the original intention was to have characters staged and rendered inside of maya, we see a lot of potential utilizing the solver in a AAA game production environment in conjunction with machine learning deformation.
R&D engineer
Nike teamed up with 3D technology provider z-emotion to offer its customers 3D shopping experiences with exclusive interactivity. The online virtual styling campaign enabled Nike members to customize their digital human with different combinations of Nike 3D fashion items from top to bottom. By implementing 3D technology, all rendered in real time, Nike enhanced digital shopping experience for its members and successfully attracted more signups for the virtual styling experience.
Managing Director
Virtual fitting is a way of extending the power of 3D simulation and digital fashion assets to the end user in an interactive way prior to purchasing their physical counterparts. Covernat recently deployed z-emotion's virtual fitting engine and achieved a 300% uplift in conversion rates, a 12X increase in product exposure, and a significant decrease in return rates.
Managing Director
z-weave helps me easily collaborate with my customers, and I can conveniently develop more variations for them to select from to help the growth of my business.
Design director
z-weave helped our business by developing high quality virtual apparel showcases for our customers, which improved our sample making lead time and expand our business.
Managing Director
I am excited to see z-emotion focus on quality driving strong sales for ZEPETO creators. Receiving positive feedback from our comunity like this one reinforce our commitment to excellence in all we bring to them. zeavric’s efforts not only energize growth within the ZEPETO platform but also boost our presence int he broader market.
Director of creator strategy
z-emotion team is very professional, they are willing to listen and follow up our enquiries, identify benefits and disadvantages, and provide the best solution to our problems, they really understand and help us with true heart .
HOD of Technology & Living

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You don’t have to start from scratch. Download high-quality 3D assets for free and unleash your creativity.